If you want to know more about this kind of storm then you will
need to understand what is hurricanes and how does it impact the environment and surroundings. Hurricanes are the massive storm that forms over the warm ocean waters and then moves towards the land causing massive destructions to life and property. This intense tropical storm is characterized by heavy rain, powerful winds, rip currents storm surges, landslides and inland flooding. Hurricanes are the large and swirling storms that are also known as typhoon, cyclone and tropical storm and it produces winds of the speed of 119 kilometers per hour or more.

Hurricanes can also be called as the severe kind of tropical storm that causes tremendous damage while eventually leading to flooding, destroying building, bridges and roads while knocking down trees and power lines. Hurricanes are formed over the warm ocean water near equator as the warm and moist air above ocean surface rises which causes the air from the surrounding areas to get sucked in. When this air becomes warm and moist, it begins a continuous cycle for forming clouds that rotate with Earth spin and when water becomes warmer, then it causes the hurricane. Hurricanes rotates around the eye which is the circular center and this place is calm but the area surrounding the eye is known as the eye wall which is the most destructive and dangerous part of the hurricanes that has heaviest rain, thickest clouds and strongest winds. Hurricanes can even produce tornadoes that are not stronger and it lasts for a few minutes only but slow moving hurricanes are known to cause serious damages as compared to the more powerful and faster moving hurricanes. The power of this tropical storm is measured on Saffir- Simpson hurricane wind scale that differentiates hurricanes into five different categories with 1 as the weakest and 3, 4 and 5 as major hurricanes.

Hurricane is also known to lose its strength as it move over the land but coastal regions are more prone to get destroyed by this tropical storm as it causes high waves and wide spread flooding. Tracking of the hurricanes are done with weather radar and weather satellites that are closer to the land as it measures the speed of the storm that causes a huge amount of destruction. When hurricanes occurs over the sea then it is harmless but when it move towards the land then it can cause serious damage and incredibly dangerous. The season is generally from June to November as it is the time of the year when the sea is most humid and warmest as it is the perfect condition for hurricanes to develop. This power winds has a relatively peaceful center called as eye as it is a tropical disturbance that can also lead to tropical depression. The warm and moist water of the ocean provides energy to the storm as it does not change in speed and direction and it can eventually lead to strong and powerful hurricanes.