There are many conditions that can cause a pool to shift and/or sink. Subsurface water can cause the soil surrounding your pool to become unstable and settle over time. Because of the amount of concrete they are made from and the quantity of water they hold, swimming pools are inherently heavy. If the surrounding land is not compact or stable enough to support this weight, sinking can result and may occur in different fashions. For example, it’s possible that the deep end of your pool may sink while the shallow end remains in tact. Your entire pool may also sink, creating gaps and cracks at the pool deck level. Whatever is causing your pool to sink, it’s vital that you address the issue right away.


Many problems can be caused by a pool sinking. If left unchecked, a pool that has sunk below its intended level can put undue stress on the pool’s plumbing system and pipes. Also, when a pool falls below the surface of its surrounding concrete, this can result in cracking of the pool surface. This cracking can lead to water escaping from the pool, which can contribute to unstable soil conditions and even more sinking! Addressing the issue promptly by contacting a concrete leveling contractor like Tilted Concrete Solutions to remedy the problem can prevent costly pool repairs (or possibly replacement!) down the road. We’ve successfully raised the deep end of a swimming pool 1.5 inches while protecting the functional integrity of the pools plumbing.

If you’re concerned your pool is sinking or if you have cracks at the deckline of your pool, contact Tilted Concrete Solutions right away! We’ll provide an initial inspection and prepare an estimate for quality concrete leveling services to remedy the situation. We can’t wait to help you out and restore the structural integrity of your pool!